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The Company ECO GREEN MONO MONO ENERGY.SA abbreviated EGE.SA is a limited company (SA) of Togolese law, the capital of ten million (10,000,000) CFA francs, established July 17, 2009 and governed by 'OHADA Uniform Act on Rights of Commercial Companies and Economic Interest Group (EIG) and all subsequent supplementary or amending legislation.

Its purpose, in Togo, Africa and the World:

- The production and sale of renewable energy (solar and wind energy etc..)

- Import and export of equipment and supplies of renewable energy

- Installation of all our solar products

Motivation :

The motivations of the company sare based on three main concerns:
1 The personal commitment to the tragedies experienced in the world of facts adverse effects of climate change. Droughts, floods, destruction of the ecosystem and so on. ... The various agreements, conventions and protocoles, the latest failure in Copenhagen attracted our attention.

MONO EGE.SA intends to enroll in the dynamics of how to use energy by promoting clean energy, as a player of the green revolution in order to reduce the issue of gas emissions main cause of global warming. Our main objective is to encourage individuals and states to use this renewable resource and promote this type of energy in the entire world.

2 The recurrent energy crises in our sub-region in Africa have inspired us to introduce solar energy as a solution in the fight against energy development or underdevelopment itself. The sun is an asset to Africa and the world. Africa is rich with the sun; it must be full of energy. MONO EGE.SA proposes to households, government and businesses to pass on conventional energy for renewable energy.
3 The weak consumption and the difference in energy distribution between urban and rural areas in Togo and other countries of Africa are the obstacles to African development.

African development through the Sun!
Africa energy with the Sun!

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