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Overall : Présentation :

MONO EGE.SA provides solar products for cities, for the countryside and those living in outlying areas of African cities to have electricity available and unlimited thanks to the sun.

The products manufactured by MONO EGE are manufactured according to strict specifications as Europeans criteria. The durability and stability of our products give high performance and high reliability.

MONO EGE manufactures a wide range of products, using solar energy-efficient next generation in compliance with the strictest international standards for a good quality and safety.

Here are the products that we offer:


- We can provide you with Mono and Poly Crystalline panel from 3 Watt to 320 Watts. Our products are CE certified.

- Off Grid Solar Power systems, from 300W to 200KW, according to your own needs
(Our systems include all parts: panels, batteries, inverter & controller, bracket, cables)

- Solar street lights (street lamp, garden lamp, lighting yard lights,
traffic light, LED lighting and flash, etc ....)
- Solar water heaters (hot water production)

- Solar water pumps (both DC and AC)

- Solar Fridges and Freezers

Portable solar product :

Camping light, several types
Solar Torch small and large size
Solar Fans

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